Framingham Youth Lacrosse (FYL) is a non-profit, incorporated organization that promotes and facilitates youth (ages 6 - 15) lacrosse for boys and girls in Framingham.

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FGLL- Jamboree - clarification
by posted 05/16/2022

Just at quick clarification on Sunday's Jamboree:

All Framingham Teams are playing on SUNDAY.  Because the Jamboree is a two day event, the league has put place savers (for both days) in the schedule which is why it appears on our FYL schedule as Sat and Sun.  There is nothing we can do about this at the Framingham level. 

Framingham is only playing on Sunday.




For those of you who have not participated in a Jamboree, it is a great day of lacrosse with  (3) 30 minute games.  There is music, food vendors, apparel vendors, and lots of activity.  Framingham will have a tent or two set up in the tailgaters village and we encourage all teams to bring snacks/beverages and hang out with our other teams in between games.

To make numbers work, we have reduced the number of teams we are entering and will formulate teams based on RSVP.  We encourage all players who are available, to come play.  Some of our teams are light on numbers and it would be a shame to deprive the girls who want to play because we don’t have enough.  All of our coaches have requested responsesIt is too difficult to track through the chat function of the app and there is no RSVP functionality on the schedule, so please make sure to e-mail your coach directly with your availability.  


Morning Session:   8:00-11:00

1/2 – 1 Team

3/4 – 2 Teams


Mid-Day Session:  . 11:00-2:00

5/6 – 1 Team

7/8- 1 Team


Any questions can be directed to your coach or to me.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



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5/6 Girls' games tomorrow
by posted 05/14/2022



Our numbers are light for tomorrow's games, especially the WHITE team at 2:00pm with only 9 confirmed players.  We desperately need players to double up.  White (2:00pm) and Blue(3:15) are back to back at Leary Field in Acton.  It would be great if players could double up.

PLEASE REACH OUT TO YOUR COACHES ASAP if you are available to help.


On weeks like this when numbers are light, it puts us in a tought spot.  PEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!



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Time Change-FYL Girls Youth Day @ FHS
by posted 05/07/2022

Sorry, for multiple e-mails this morning, but due to a bus issue with Brookline, the game time has been pushed to 4:30........please arrive a little early to participate in festivities


Reminder......hope you can make it today at 4:00pm!!!



FYL Girls,

The Framingham HS Girls Varsity Lacrosse Team has invited our youth girls to join them for their home game against Brookline on Tuesday, May 10th at 4:00pm.  Our girls will participate in the pre-game stick check, player tunnel, and post game chat with FHSGVL players and coaches.

The extended forecast looks good for Tuesday, so we hope to have a good crowd and representation from our girls program at all ages.  We encourage the girls to wear their uniform tops and arrive early so they can participate in the pre-game festivities.

Best of luck with games tomorrow and Happy Mother's Day to all of our FYL moms! 

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