Framingham Youth Lacrosse (FYL) is a non-profit, incorporated organization that promotes and facilitates youth (ages 6 - 15) lacrosse for boys and girls in Framingham.

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2017 Spring Season Registration Policy

Registration Requirements
A player is not registered until he/she has properly completed and paid for their:
1) U.S. Lacrosse membership (The player’s U.S. Lacrosse membership needs to be valid through July 31, 2017), and
2) Framingham Youth Lacrosse (FYL) registration.

Until the above are completed, a player is not officially registered but may be placed on a waiting list (pending completion).

Players are registered on a first come first served basis. Once a team has reached its roster limit, the team will be closed. Remaining registrants may be placed on a waiting list. Wait-listed registrants will be pace on teams on a first come first served basis as space is available.

Roster Limits
FYL plans to field teams for Girls (U9, U11, U13, and U15) and Boys (U9, U11, U13, and U15) based on the availability of coaches and the number of interested players.
If for a given gender and grade level there are enough registrants and coaches for multiple teams, FYL will field multiple teams. For teams where coaches have not been identified by the time of registration, FYL will inform the parents of the possibility that there may not be a team. If the parent wishes to be put on the waiting list, the above registration requirements must be completed.

Team Assignment
FYL strives to create fair, enjoyable, balanced teams for all players and coaches. In some cases, players may need to be re-assigned at some point during the season in order to maintain the best interest of the players and the teams; such reassignments (if any) are made by the coaches using their best judgment.

According to MBYLL and
Founders League guidelines, players will be assigned to teams based on their gender and grade as follows:
- U9 (K, 1st and 2nd graders)
- U11 (3rd and 4th graders)
- U13 (5th and 6th graders)
- U15 (7th and 8th graders)

If there are multiple teams at any level, FYL will make team assignments based on the coaches’ assessment of the best interests of the players and the teams. Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration when making team assignments are:
- Previous lacrosse experience
- Maturity (physical, skill, emotional...)
- Logistics (e.g., the offspring of coaches are likely to be assigned to the coaches team; travel arrangements, etc.)
- Team balance

Late Registration
Any registration submitted on or after the first of the year is considered a late registration. The decision whether or not to accept a late registration will be based on whether or not there is room for the player at the player’s gender/level without negatively affecting the quality of the experience for the existing registered players.

FYL is a non-profit organization dependant completely on volunteers to accomplish its mission. FYL is funded by player registration fees, in-season fundraising (such as the annual golf tournament, apparel sales, calendar raffle, etc.), business sponsorships and donations from various members of the community. The registration fee is set each fall by the board of directors based on expected expenses and current fiscal reserves.

All players, regardless of gender or grade will need to pay $25 for their U.S. Lacrosse membership if they do not already have a valid membership through July 31 at the end of the program year.  These fees are paid directly to U.S. Lacrosse and are not refundable. The FYL program does not receive any of these funds.